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I'm Alice

I'm Alice

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From the author of the hilarious I`m Alice (I think), comes the irresistibly funny sequel, with further adventures of Alice`s adolescent angst. Sixteen-year old Alice suspects that this is the year she`s going to bloom, graduating from the ranks of the marginal into the realm of the practically normal. That`s immediately confirmed when, lured by the $400 clothing allowance, she becomes the official Rod & Gun Club candidate in the town`s Miss Smithers, BC, Beauty Pageant. Now that she`s practically normal, Alice is anxious to try new things. But she can`t decide whether to push her sort-of boyfriend, Goose, into having sex with her, or to take a vow of chastity with the WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) movement. Alice, fresh from her hit debut in I`m Alice, I Think - and complete with satirical wit and unique thrift-shop style - is back in this uniquely funny take on surviving the tough teen years. REMEMBER NEW BOOKS MAKE GREAT AND AFFORDABLE GIFTS! WE ARE A SMALL FAMILY RUN BUSINESS WITH A LOVE FOR BOOKS AND CATS! (BENTLEY, OUR CAT, HELPS TOO, USUALLY SLEEPING BESIDE ME WHILE I WORK) OUR AIM IS TO PROVIDE YOU WITH LOVELY BOOKS AND THE BEST POSSIBLE SERVICE.


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