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The Magic Soup: Food for Health and Happiness

The Magic Soup: Food for Health and Happiness

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Four years ago I went on a diet. It wasn't the latest craze, I never went hungry, I was never fed up and four year later I am still two and a half stone lighter than back at the beginning of that chilly January. The Magic Soup Diet is not a trendy juice fad or a strict calorie-counting regime that will leave you ravenously gorging on chocolate. These delicious soups are the perfect way to feel full, eat tasty and satisfying meals, and become healthier and lose weight at the same time. This cookbook is the combined story of Kate's journey to losing those extra pounds, acheived simply through switching sandwiches for soups and taking long walks, and Nic's love of dreaming up innovative healthy dishes that are both tasty and soulfull. With inviting menus for 7 full days included, with The Magic Soup Diet there's no chance of you falling off the wagon, this book is not a short-term solution but a guide to a healther, happier way of eating.

by : Pisani,  Nicole

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