A Brief History of Creation: Science and the Search for the Origin of Life

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by : Bill Mesler and H. James Cleaves

rom the ancient belief that mice sprang from stores of grain to cutting-edge debates in modern science, this is the story of humankind's search for the how of life's creation. The very existence of God has often seemed to hinge on whether life can, or cannot, spring from nonlife. From Leeuwenhoek's discovery of a teeming world of microbes to Pasteur's defense of divinity, astonishing discoveries and vast achievements have been driven by our obsession with this enduring mystery. A Brief History of Creation beautifully and accessibly narrates the stories of these scientists who dared to address the most challenging question of all. Today, debates rage between ventists who believe life originated in underwater volcanoes and those who believe that simple organisms self-assembled from ingredients delivered from outer space or formed in the earth's early toxic atmosphere. But even if we soon have the answer, can we ever know why life began?