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My Japanese Sketchbook

My Japanese Sketchbook

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Cloe Fontaine discovered Japan as a twenty-six-year-old architecture student, when she visited the country as part of her research project on domestic color schemes around the world. It was love at first sight. Expecting to find a highly competitive society where crowds, stress, and noise were the way of life, she was instead enchanted by the serenity and tranquillity of the Japanese she encountered. Japan is a land of striking contrasts: it is one of the world's great economic powerhouses, yet within living memory it was ruled by an emperor who was venerated as a god by his people. Cloe reflects these contrasts in her charming watercolors, modern collages, and selection of traditional haikus that accompany her text. She contrasts Kyoto's Zen temples with Tokyo's striking modernist architecture, and women in fabulously elaborate kimonos with teenagers in eccentric outfits that reflect the increasing influence of the West in a society that until recently was inaccessible to outsiders. My Japanese Sketchbook is a delightful, highly-personal account that showcases the rich diversity of Japanese culture.

by : Cloe Fontaine,

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