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بين سطور المدينة

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Rembrandt van Rijn (1606–1669), one of the greatest artists in European history, was at the forefront of the Dutch Golden Age. His talent was multifaceted: not only a gifted portrait and landscape painter, he was also an inspired draftsman and printmaker. This gorgeously illustrated book pays tribute to Rembrandt’s marvelous gifts as a graphic artist and offers a unique glimpse into his life and creative processes through fifty drawings from the collections of the J. Paul Getty Museum and the British Museum.

Rembrandt’s perceptive understanding of the human condition is evident in portraits of himself and his contemporaries. Beginning with the portraiture, the author examines the artist’s other favorite themes—from mythological subjects to landscapes—-and explores the artist’s drawing and printmaking techniques. This book is a perfect introduction to the graphic work of this seventeenth-century master.

by :Khaled Sameh