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Climbing Palestine : A Guide to Rock Climbing in the West Bank

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Rock climbing is probably the last thing that comes to mind when most people hear the word 'Palestine'. But rock climbing turns out to be an incredible medium through which to explore this beautiful, troubled land. Climbing Palestine is the first comprehensive guidebook to rock climbing in the West Bank, detailing over 300 climbing routes at 9 different areas. The book also describes how to travel to and within Palestine, where to stay, what to do on rest days from climbing and where to eat the most delicious local food.
Each chapter features detailed information on the history and access information for each cliff. All of the routes are accompanied by short descriptions, the French grade, and information on the required gear. The book offers unique insights into the political situation and local culture.

by : (author) Tim Bruns , By (author) Benjamin Korff , By (author) Albert Moser  mujahid