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Cocktails in New York: Where to Enjoy 100 Legendary Drinks and How to Make Them at Home

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What are you having? A crisp Martini at the Rainbow Room? A Manhattan at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central? Cocktail culture was invented in New York City, and nothing says elegance and excitement like a special drink in New York. Cocktails in New York brings you all the classics as well as the hippest new drinks, with signature recipes from the city's 100 finest eating and drinking establishments. You'll learn the celebrity-studded history of the city's watering holes, from the furtive glamour of F. Scott Fitzgerald-era speakeasies to the frenetic glitz of Jay McInerney's hangouts. You'll discover where tomorrow's trendy concoctions are being served today. Also included are tips from top bartenders-or bar chefs as they are now often called. Cocktails in New York supplies you with all you need to imbibe in truly cosmopolitan style-during a visit to New York and at home.

by : Anthony Giglio