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Adventure On Apple Orchard Road

Adventure On Apple Orchard Road

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The Forrest family buys a run down house on Apple Orchard Road. Eleven-year-old Ethan is disappointed the house is so old.Ethan invites his best friend, Tanner, for a sleepover and Tanner brings along a metal detector. At the break of dawn, Ethan and Tanner make a discovery in the old shed out back that will change their lives. This amazing treasure includes a letter from the past owner of the house. Elizabeth Patterson writes that she and her husband have hidden things in the house for years!Elizabeths old journal is discovered in the attic. What will Ethan do when he reads that Mr. Patterson made his own time capsule? In an old coffee can he placed a 1958 autographed NY Yankees baseball, wrapped in that days newspaper and placed in the floor joists of the attic. Could this baseball still be up there?The shed will become Ethans bike garage. Who or what is making the huge footprints in the dirt by the shed?

by: Christine Collier 

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