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The Cosmic Collection

The Cosmic Collection

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Mel Beeby is back in her second bind-up! Three books in one comprising 'Calling the Shots', 'Fogging Over' and 'Fighting Fit'. Mel Beeby is the time-travelling angel who is growing in confidence which each new adventure. In 'Calling the Shots', Mel travels to 1920s Hollywood and helps a family in trouble. In 'Fogging Over', Mel and her mates go to Victorian London to help save a young lad from the terrors of his wicked uncle, and his sister from the streets where Jack the Ripper roams. In 'Fighting Fit', Mel and Co go to Ancient Rome to reunite triplets, separated at birth. Scintillating time-travel with a thirteen-year-old angel with a divine wardrobe! Cosmic, or what?

by: Annie Dalton 

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