Fantasy Children new

The Shaman Boy

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by : Caroline Pitcher

Luka and his brother, Jez, live in a village scarred by a recent war. Their parents have vanished and they must help each other survive. Luka's sight has nearly gone but he doesn't want to accept what's happening to him; he wants to see and he discovers he has a very special power: he can shapeshift. It is this gift that gives him his freedom, and he becomes the cloud cat, swallow, otter, and wolf. Through the animals, Luka can enter another world of landscapes and colors—yet Luka is in danger. The village witch, Vaskalia, uses her old magic to stake a claim on his gift, and Luka discovers that the shaman's gift can be used for evil as well as good. Jez tries to help him but he is powerless against the dark magic. It is only through his shapeshifting that Luka can fight the evil and save his village.