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The Road to Nablus

The Road to Nablus

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Seven years before the emergence of the modern state of Israel, a boy was born in an ancient city in Palestine called Lydda (also known as Lod), the setting of the Bible story of Acts 9:32, in which the apostle Peter miraculously heals a man who has been paralyzed from birth. But this is a story of more recent greatness that came out of this town of miracles located in dusty hills surrounded by harsh, ruggedly beautiful countryside in the heart of the former Palestine. It is the story of a boy who was different than all the others. A boy of rare grit and determination the likes of which hadn't been seen by Palestinian refugees in generations.

The Road to Nablus is the true story of a boy who fought to escape from a hardscrabble refugee camp in Palestine and a wretched destiny in store for him in the aftermath of World War II. He was seven years old when United Nations Resolution 181 was enacted in November of 1947 to partition Palestine and to allow displaced Jews into the region after the war. The young boy's family suffered greatly in the ensuing violence. He was eight years old when soldiers showed up at his family's house in Lydda in the summer of 1948 and evicted them at gunpoint.

by : Bassam Hadi MD

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