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Dian Hanson's History of Pin-up Magazines

Dian Hanson's History of Pin-up Magazines

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At the newsstand and under the counter. This is the definitive annotated and illustrated history of girlie periodicals - 1900-1960s. Open your notebooks, sharpen your pencils, and get ready for a history lesson like none you've ever experienced. You're about to learn everything you could ever want to know about the world history of men's magazines - not magazines about sports, not fashion, not hunting or fishing or how to build a birdhouse in ten easy steps, but those titillating periodicals embracing the subject dearest to all heterosexual men's hearts and other body parts: the undraped female form. Editor Dian Hanson traces the fascinating development of the genre from 1900 to the 1960s in three informative volumes. In Volume 1 you'll learn about the first magazines that appeared around 1900 in France, Germany, and the US, through to the Second World War, covering men's magazines masquerading as movie magazines, humor magazines, detective magazines, art magazines, nudist magazines, and spicy fiction. Volume 2 documents the proliferation of men's magazines following WWII, most notably with a little magazine called Playboy that debuted in December 1953 and the new breed of sophisticated imitators it inspired, as well as the early evolution of English men's magazines, the top five covergirls of the 1950s, and hilarious ads from the magazines' back pages. Male girdles, anyone? Volume 3 begins with an explosion of new American men's magazines following the redefinition of US obscenity laws in the late fifties. This is the decade when France finally declines as a great force in magazine production; England starts to show her pervy side; Argentina embraces burlesque; and Germany once again blends political activism with nudity. By 1965 even Australia has a booming men's magazine industry. The volume ends with a look at those great back-of-the-magazine ads for party pills and the first inflatable dates .

by: Dian Hanson

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