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Stories From The Other Side

Stories From The Other Side

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Since Gordon Smith took over at Halloween 2005 from Derek Acorah on Living TV's hit show The Most Haunted , viewers have been astounded by the accuracy of Gordon's work and the integrity of his mediumship. Gordon has always relished working with scientists to validate his work and the historians and parapsychologists on Most Haunted have achieved some extraordinary test results. In this book, Gordon describes his encounters with the haunted people and places he has encountered. He relates fascinating stories of hauntings and explains how he uses his mediumship to heal these hauntings. This revealing and humorous account of Gordon's experiences will make riveting reading for anyone who has lived in a haunted house. Gordon will go behind the scenes of Most Haunted to reveal the programme's most exciting moments. Meet the people who have inspired and touched Gordon through their experiences and find out from Gordon which places he has most recently visited and what he found there.

By: Gordon Smith

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