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The "I Have A Life" Pregnancy Guide

The "I Have A Life" Pregnancy Guide

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From the moment a woman realises she's pregnant, she's overwhelmed with all sorts of details - from doctor's appointments and diapers to nutrition and nursing. There's so much to learn and do that packing it into a mere nine months may seem impossible! Luckily, "The "I have a Life" Pregnancy Guide" makes the journey to motherhood manageable. This crash course on pregnancy basics cuts to the chase and includes: an overview of what to expect each month, along with checklists, schedules and calendars; key tips on nutritions, fitness, breastfeeding and birthing preparation; and "Pregnancy Treats" that remind women to take some time for themselves. Smart and succinct, "The "I Have a Life" Pregnancy Guide" has all the right stuff to make the road to motherhood enjoyable and informative.

by: Andrea Mattei 

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