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Super Flash Action Math Made Easy Software & Workbook

Super Flash Action Math Made Easy Software & Workbook

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Help your child's early math skills take off and soar! In superhero proportions, this 320-page workbook builds early math skills, while the award-winning Flash Action software teaches essential facts in a flash! Combining traditional pencil and paper learning with more high-tech methods makes this dynamic duo a Super Value. Super Math Made Easy Workbook - The teacher-created content uses attention-getting strategies geared toward multiple learning styles. The pages are packed with fun-filled exercises, colorful illustrations, and simple directions for hours of learning. The lessons focus on strengthening essential math skills, such as addition, subtraction, shapes, numerical order, time, money, fractions, estimation, measurement, graphing, and multiplication. This high-energy workbook helps boost your child's abilities and confidence. Plus, tear-out pages make great, take-anywhere individual worksheets! Flash Action Addition & Subtraction Software - Transform your computer into a fast, fun, fact machine that makes learning addition and subtraction child's play. Children can practice problems against the clock, challenge another player to a game of fast facts or test themselves for speed and accuracy. Set the program to practice addition, subtraction or mixed problems, and the difficulty will be adjusted based on your child's score. Players can check their facts in the handy chart or print the chart for reference away from the computer.

By: School Zone Publishing

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